Poor Air Quality

While their job descriptions may vary considerably, many American workers are exposed to fumes, smoke, dusty air and stale, unpleasant odors on the job - all factors that can contribute to nasal dryness, discomfort or irritation.

Firefighters, miners, ranchers and construction workers often develop nasal discomfort due to dust, smoke or chemicals or industrial materials. In other fields such as medicine, sanitation, janitorial services and plumbing, unpleasant odors and adverse air quality can be a daily challenge. For frequent flyers such as pilots, flight attendants and passengers, "dry nose" - due to constant recirculation of dry, filtered air is a common complaint. Millions more spend hours each day - on or off the job - in poorly ventilated offices, stuck in traffic on smoggy freeways or cooped up in crowded subway trains. The list of environments that are less than ideal in terms of air quality goes on and on.

If you experience any of these conditions on a regular basis - on or off the job - Boroleum® Ointment may be just what you've been looking for. Boroleum® can offer soothing relief of nasal irritation or "dry nose" caused my many common environmental factors. Moreover, when applied to the nostrils, Boroleum® gently moisturizes dry nasal passages, and its mild, refreshing menthol/eucalyptus scent can be used to effectively mask stale or foul odors - a huge benefit for healthcare workers, laboratory technicians and even rescue personnel (for example: thousands of tubes of Boroleum® were donated to help September 11th rescue and recovery workers to cope with their uniquely trying, dusty, smoky working conditions).

For generations, Americans have considered Boroleum® a "must-have" product for the relief of nasal irritation or discomfort. It is formulated to be safe and gentle enough for year-round use, in any kind of weather. Whether you keep a tube in the glove compartment of your pick-up truck, your parka or your purse, Boroleum® quite simply helps you feel your best.