Hot Dry, Low Humidity

People living in hot, dry climates commonly suffer from dry nasal passages or 'dry nose' as the hot, dry air they breathe strips nasal passages of natural moisture, becoming uncomfortable and frustrating. Likewise, travelers or vacationers who are unaccustomed to the drying effects of hot climates may experience such symptoms when visiting coastal, desert or mountain areas. Nosebleeds and dry, chapped lips are also common in hot, dry climates. 

Nasal discomfort due to hot, dry conditions is not limited to residents of any one region. Nationwide, millions of people live in homes or work in offices heated (or often over-heated) by radiators or forced-air heating which can dry out or irritate nasal passages.

Boroleum® Ointment provides gentle, soothing relief of nasal problems caused by dry or low-humidity conditions. Its active ingredients moisturize dry nasal passages, soothe sore nostrils and can help seal and protect dry, cracked skin surfaces and chapped lips against the effects of heat and sun. Boroleum® is even gentle enough for children as young as 2 years old, making it a perfect multi-purpose, go-anywhere remedy for the entire family - whether playing at the beach, 4-wheeling in the desert or simply spending time at home or the office.

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